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My name is Lindsay Nash and I am a single mum with 5 children. I help mums that have lost their identity through motherhood to rediscover who THEY are. I help them to rebuild their self-confidence and self-worth and to evolve into a mighty mum warrior. A mum that is so proud of herself and that is brave and strong enough to go and build a life she has always wanted. She will become the best role model to her children as her positivity and tenacity will have a ripple effect throughout her family, resulting in a much happier and fulfilled life for all around her.

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Helping mums live happier lives so they can

inspire their children to do the same

~ Lindsay Nash

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Single Mum Shame at 43!!

Single Mum Shame at 43!!

Single Mum shame hit me badly when my marriage suddenly ended. I was 43 years old and to the outside world, we were happily married. We were financially stable and had a great friendship and were both fully engaged in our children's lives. However, this all changed...

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